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Wordless Wednesday 8.26.15: Yellow

Wordless WednesdaySarah GlidwellComment

TODAY I LOVE:'s my favorite of all things

SONG OF THE DAY: "You're All I Have" by Snow Patrol

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Feeling Nostalgic...Omaha Marathon

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So I was reading through my archives and I ran across my race report for the Omaha Marathon.  It gave me all kinds of feels.  So I'm doing something new today.  I'm not posting anything new, but directing you back to read it.  WHY NOT?  I think you all should experience my happiness and pain all over again too.  

Needless to say, I left it all out on the course.  :)  Enjoy.

Omaha Marathon Race Report, September 28, 2011

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Goal Getter: Week of August 23, 2014

GoalsSarah GlidwellComment
We acquire the strength we overcome.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I read this quote it makes me think of the Blob.  Lol.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  It was this crazy science fiction thing that absorbed everything it rolled over and it made it bigger.  So think of the blob, every time you have to hit something that takes superhuman strength to overcome; you eat up that strength and have it in your arsenal for the next time.  

My goals for this week:

  • Work on all my mountain photos and get them in an album.  Beauty like that needs to be shared!
  • Get back to the gym in earnest after vacation.  Work off all that delicious food.
  • Try to do a side plank (and all it's various movements) without putting my knee down. Don't be a wuss!
  • Balance my budget.  Because whoa.  Vacation.

What are your goals for this week?

TODAY I LOVE: books by Rainbow Rowell

SONG OF THE DAY: "You are My Joy" by Snow Patrol 

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Posture & Emotion: Be Confident!

FitnessSarah GlidwellComment

Welcome to week 3 of our posture series.  If you're just tuning in, you can catch up on the first two week's posts which were all about fitness here and here.  Enjoy!  We are not talking about posture and fitness today.  Today's posture lesson is all about emotion.  I've written countless posts about confidence.  It's kind of become my mantra.  I'm a big believer that even if you don't feel confident in that moment, you can somewhat force yourself to be with the right mindset.  

Confidence and your posture is HUGE. So huge. When someone is confident it shows in their posture. Their head is up, their shoulders are back. Their chin is up. They are perfectly up and down. They walk differently.
— Darby Brownfield

Even if you're not feeling great that day.  Your boss gave you grief for a late report, your friend is upset at you for missing the party, or even unhappy because you forgot to put the load of laundry in the can almost make yourself feel better just by forcing yourself to stand up straight.  Back in my pageant days they used to tell us to walk on stage as if our head were filled with air (and no, I do not mean in the sense of vapid air head) but as if your head is light and lifted off your body. Thinking that way it forces your neck to elongate, your shoulders to drop back, your hips to settle naturally into place, and let's you walk gracefully not staring at your feet.

Do you have an instance where adjusting your posture has adjusted your mood?  One way or the other?  If not, give it a try the next time you're down.  

If you're looking for a gym to call home I have just the place.  My gym, Physique Fitness, is located in downtown Springfield, MO.  It's the best gym in the area, hand's down.  (Ok, I'm a little bit biased, but seriously.)  There are a variety of class offerings like barre, TRX, jam, pound, and thighs & assets.  They've even added hot barre to the mix!  Check the schedule for a happy hour class and get a bite-sized taste of a class offering at half the price!

Fun Darby question of the week: What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

It’s funny, I actually had a really bad dream. I was laying there in bed trying to pick it apart. It made me realize that I need to have a conversation but it made me realize what I needed to say.
— Darby Brownfield

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Wordless Wednesday 8.19.15: Knot

Wordless WednesdaySarah GlidwellComment

Big Cedar, July 2015

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Running: The Things You Should Know

Fitness, RunningSarah GlidwellComment
Where it all began, Marathon #1: the Inaugural Bass Pro Marathon, Springfield MO, November  2007

Where it all began, Marathon #1: the Inaugural Bass Pro Marathon, Springfield MO, November  2007

As most of you know (or don't) I used to run.  A lot.  Running is what made me lose 35+ pounds after college and it what really made me get into fitness.  It was my gateway drug.  Eight years of running, however, and ONLY running, taught me a lot of things.  I thought I would share some of the things I learned from running today.

  1. Miles are relative.  Whether you are running 1 mile or 26 miles, just getting out and moving your feet makes you a runner.  I think all too often we place importance on the distance; like you're not really a running if you're "only doing 3 miles."  Not so.  Those 3 miles can feel like 26 any day.  Running makes you a runner.  
  2. Carb loading is a myth of epic proportions.  I've yet to run a race (and I've done MANY) that carb loading proved to be a wise choice.  As a matter of fact it only took one marathon for my body to tell me I was an idiot for eating so much pasta and bread.  Eat normally.  Eat what your body is used to eating.  Maybe eat a few more calories before a marathon and not a lot of fiber.  That's all you need to know. 
  3. Don't be cheap on shoes.  If you think about it, running is a relatively inexpensive sport.  Besides paying for the races you do not need a whole lot of gear.  Please, please don't be cheap on shoes.  Go to a running store, get a great fit for your running style and body type, and go with it.  It's far too easy to get injured running in bad shoes.  
  4. Toenails are overrated.  If you're like me and have long toes, get used to the fact that you're likely going to lose your toenails.  They bruise up and then fall off.  It's really ok.  Sure, kinda gross but they grow back.  Think of it as a running badge of honor or something. 
  5. Despite what you're led to believe, you do not have to carry everything but the kitchen sink around your waist.  You'll make it.  I promise.  
  6. Also, despite what you're told, you also do not have to run every single day to be a great runner.  Even when I was training for the Dopey Challenge I only ran 3-4 days a week.  
  7. Never, ever underestimate the value of having a running buddy.  My running buddies have become lifelong friends.  I started my running journey with a feisty gal named Alexis that ran my first marathon with me.  When she moved away God blessed me with Ashley, who has very nearly ran every other race with me.  She's become practically a sister to me.  It's amazing how the miles and the time disappears when you have someone to do life with; one step at a time. 
  8. Make friends.  This is the last thing, and probably one of my most important.  Through blogs and social media outlets I've met some of the very best running friends from all over the world.  We've had the opportunity to meet up for races together, share homes, and be involved in each others lives an families.  If there is one thing running brought me other than health, it's friends.  Don't miss out on the friends.  

Alexis and Sarah circa April 2008: Nashville Country Music Marathon

Sarah and Ashley circa September 2011: Omaha Marathon

Anything that you've learned that you'd like to add?  

TODAY I LOVE: my new camera, Canon 7D Mark II

SONG OF THE DAY: "My Opening Farewell" by Alison Krauss and Union Station

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Goal Getter: Week of August 16, 2015

GoalsSarah GlidwellComment

Goals, goals, and more goals.  This week I'm on vacation!  Hooray!  Right this moment I'm enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.  Can I move to the mountains already?  

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Savor the mountains and the beauty of the scenery around me.  Don't take any of it for granted.
  • RELAX.  Turn off the work stuff (email, messages, phone) and let myself be disconnected.  It's really ok and very much needed.
  • Get out there and enjoy it.  I can be tired and sleep when I get home.  
  • Take as many photos as my camera will hold.
  • Eat food that I can't get back in Missouri.

What are your goals for the week?

TODAY I LOVE: crisp air

SONG OF THE DAY: "Something Beautiful" by Trombone Shorty

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Product Review: Kiehl's Creme de Corps

Health, QueenSarah GlidwellComment

For the last several months I've been on the hunt for the best overall body lotion.  I'm notoriously bad at remembering to put on lotion.  Always have been.  Unfortunately the older I get the more it has become apparent that keeping my skin moisturized to alleviate those wrinkles is totally necessary.  Not only that, but hitting the gym everyday and sweating out my stress not only makes my skin drier, but also forces me to shave my legs every day.  Um..hello hacking away at paper thin knees.  

So at any rate, I've been researching the best lotion for your body.  Kiehl's continually kept coming to the top in every search.  It has a hefty price tag, so I tried the small size first and gave it the old college try.  I'm happy to say that now I'm a total convert.

At first touch the lotion is thick, creamy, with not much smell.  My shins, knees, and elbows were my biggest test areas for me.  I found when you first put it on your skin ("It puts the lotion on the skin"...I've been waiting to say that line) it feels like it is NEVER GOING TO SOAK IN. It just sits.  I don't like to feel greasy or oily EVER so the first while it was touch and go for me.  I found I had to put the lotion on and let it sit on my skin for a good 15 minutes before I'd get dressed.  The longer I've used the lotion the less that timeframe is becoming.  

It's been about a month now and I'm happy to report my skin is softer than it has ever been.  Shaving is a breeze.  I think my skin looks better than it did when I was in college.  It still takes longer than I'd like for the lotion to absorb in to my skin, no matter how much I put on, but I'm getting used to it. It makes me want to try other Kiehl's products.  

If you're searching for a new lotion, I'd highly encourage you to give this one a try.  If you can make it through the first few weeks of hydrating your skin, it's well worth it.  

TODAY I LOVE: youthful looking knees

SONG OF THE DAY: "Breathe (2AM)" by Anna Nalick 

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Posture & Fitness: Part 2: Barre

FitnessSarah GlidwellComment

Are you ready for part 2?!  In case you missed it, last week we started a series on posture.  You can read Posture and Fitness Part 1: Fold Over here.  Today we're going to talk a bit more about posture and fitness only this time we will focus on straight-up barre posture, first and second position.  

To give you a little bit of background if you're not familiar with ballet or barre terms.  When I bring up the word "position" it has everything to do with your feet.  In first position your heels are together and your feet and toes fan out in a v-shape.  In second position, you start with your feet in first position but then step out.  Your feet continue to face way from your body and your feet are now at least hip distance apart.  You can go into a wide second position by stepping further out to where your body is forced into a squat-like position.  Maintaining proper posture during these simple stances is just as important as the exercises you do from them.  

First position releve (on your toes)

Every time you step up to the barre you need to think about your posture. You need to think about certain things. Your chest needs to be up; needs to face the sky. Your shoulders needs to be pulled down and back, our of your ears. Your core needs to always be engaged. Your hips and pelvis need to be tucked under. This not only makes the exercise better but keeps you from getting hurt.
— Darby Brownfield

Look at that chair pose!  I mean seriously?!  Form and posture are everything.  Even just practicing some of these great posture moves while you're going about your daily life (sitting at your desk, standing at the coffee pot, chasing your kiddos) can help improve your health.  Keep that head up and keep those shoulders down.  You've got this!

I would love for you come to class with me someday.  Darby and her group of fierce instructors at Physique Fitness will take your body to the next level.  Physique Fitness is located in downtown Springfield, MO.  There are so many classes to choose from including barre, TRX (sculpt and cardio), thighs & assets, jam, and pound.  Check out the happy hour classes for a bite-sized taste of a class.  One of my favorite things is their app!  Hit up the app store and look for Physique Fitness.  You can sign up for classes and buy packages right from your phone.  So convenient!

Fun Darby question of the day: At a movie theatre, which armrest is yours?

The right side. Always the right. Ha!
— Darby Brownfield

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Chocolate Zucchini Protein Muffins

Health, NutritionSarah GlidwellComment

If there is one thing I'm blessed with it is friends that know how to cook.  My best girl Ashley is not only a great cook but also creative.  She's one of the most disciplined dietary individuals and can take nearly any "not-so-great-for-you" recipe and turn it into something healthy.  Today I'm going to introduce you to one of her creations, the mini protein muffin.  I've started making these and eat them for breakfast nearly every week.  If you follow the recipe to the letter, and use a mini-muffin pan, it makes exactly 6 days worth of 8-muffins per day!  Super filling and super delicious.  

Chocolate Zucchini Protein Muffins

  • Zucchini (skin on) - 1-1/4 cups (300g) pureed or shredded
  • Banana - 1 cup (225g) mashed
  • Honey - 1/4 cup (60g)
  • Egg Whites - 3/4 cup (177g) 
  • Almond Butter - 1/3 cup (86g)
  • Protein Powder - 1/3 cup (75g)
  • White Rice Flour - 3/4 cup (177g)
  • Dark Cocoa Powder - 1 tbsp
  • Cinnamon - 1 tsp
  • Vanilla - to taste
  • Salt - pinch
  • Baking soda - pinch

*Couple of notes: I like to use Egg Beaters for the egg whites; it's just simpler.  I also prefer chocolate protein power because it gives it another velvety texture.  Some great substitutions include using half coconut flour and half white rice flour.  I love coconut so the added flavor is great for me.  You can also add dark cocoa mini chips if you want some added decadence.  

I will dump the zucchini and banana in my food processor and let them both "liquify."  It is much faster than chopping, grating, and mashing.  Once those are in the correct state, I'll combine them and the remaining ingredients in the bowl.  Stir well.  

Using your greased mini-muffin pan, I've found about a 1/8 cup fits into the muffin cups.  Put your pan in a 350 degree oven for approximately 15 minutes.  And voila.  Delicious healthy muffins.  

I package them up 8 to a bag, throw them in the fridge, and then pull out a bag every day for breakfast.  


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Goal Getter: Week of August 9, 2015

GoalsSarah GlidwellComment

Goals for this week are very simple.  As a matter of fact, I can pin it down to one thing:

Seriously.  Mad, mad crush on Misty Copeland.  This picture means get to the gym repeatedly, eat well, be strong, and FIGHT.

Goals, my lovelies.  What are your goals this week?

TODAY I LOVE: shoulder muscles

SONG OF THE DAY: "Acapella" by Karmin 

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Where the Magic Happens

Fun, NatureSarah GlidwellComment

Lake Taneycomo, July 2015

She felt as if she had strayed into a fairytale, as full of peril as of wonder, a place where anything could happen.
— Kate Forsythe

This is very much a non-diet, non-fitness post but I just can't help it.  I haven't had one of those in a while.  I took this shot several weeks ago.  It was so hot that evening; the heat index was well over 100 degrees and this was at 8:30pm.  I'm in Missouri and it's just humid and hot for pretty much the whole of the summer.  Anyway, this is one of my favorite lake spots.  This lake is cold.  I mean really cold.  It was created by damming up the river.  You can't swim in it because it's that cold.  So when the air is incredibly hot with the cold lake, you get fog.  And I LOVE fog.  

When I have a lake house some day I want it to be on this lake.  I'm not a big swimmer but I just love the fog.  I could sit in this spot for hours of an evening and be perfectly content;  daydreaming, wishing, reading, letting the fog roll over me in waves.

Isn't it fun daydreaming?  Thinking of all the things you could ever wish or want in your lifetime?  I hope that I never lose that childhood love of daydreaming and wishing.  And I don't know what is its, but fog just brings it upon me.  It's almost like that super drugged fog that they have in movies.  You know that I'm taking about, the fog that rolls over people and they pass out or go crazy.  Only fog for me makes me get all dopey, dreamy, and lovey.  

Where is your magical place to relax?

TODAY I LOVE: moroccan oil 

SONG OF THE DAY: "Powerful" by Major Lazer


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Posture and Fitness: Part 1

FitnessSarah GlidwellComment

Hello Lovlies! Today begins something I'm very excited about.  You all know how much I love my gym.  It has become my second home the last few months and has given me the opportunity to meet so many lovely ladies that have become my friends.  It is a place that cares about me.  Not only my fitness, but also my mental and emotional health.  Over the last month I've been working with Darby Brownfield, the fearless owner of Physique Fitness, on ways we can introduce you to the wonderland of Physique, but also give little nuggets and things that you can do from your own home.  

Meet the beautiful and talented Darby!  

The month of August we will be all about posture.  While posture in and of itself might not seem like the most glamorous topic, it is one that both Darby and I are very passionate about.  One of my biggest pet peeves ever is seeing a beautiful individual walking down the street hunched over and head down.  Stand up straight!  Maybe it's from my Marine grandfather, maybe it's from pageants, but either way...I can't take slumpy folks.  

So today we will begin the first part of a 4-part series on posture.  Today's topic will be on posture and fitness.  There is SO MUCH to this topic alone that I'm going to make you get it in two parts.  :)  It's a treat you will enjoy! 

Posture can effect all areas and progress in fitness.  The correct posture will protect you from injury, help you execute and make the most of your move, and as a result you get the most benefit from the exercise. 

You have to think about your body from head to toe. Where is your head, your neck, your shoulders, your hips, knees, hands? Things like a simple crunch. It is so much more than just the stomach. It’s squeezing the legs together. It’s keeping the chin off your chest. Where are your eyes looking? It all effects the crunch. If you’re just jerking your body around up and down, you’re hurting your back and not getting the full benefit of the crunch.
— Darby Brownfield

Posture and form can be used interchangeably sometimes in fitness.  Let's take fold over in Barre.  Fold over is an AWESOME exercise because it tones your thighs and butt at the same time.  Not only that, but unlike most glue exercises, foldover works both sides of the booty at the same time.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this move.  However, to do a fold over properly, setup and form is crucial.  

When it comes to fold over, I nearly always say 6 things every single time I have my class step to the barre. Heels under your hips. Your feet need to be hip distance apart. Soften your knees. Lengthen your spine. Pull your hips away from the barre. Pull your belly in tight. Then, and only then, should you proceed lifting your leg behind you. Missing a couple of these crucial steps, like letting your belly reach for the floor, put your lower back at risk.
— Darby Brownfield

Fold Over Set Up

Once you are set up properly, you need to be continually thinking of your form and posture. Your toes need to be pointed on the leg that is lifted. You need to be lifting through your hamstring. Your hip bones need to stay square to the floor (don’t over extend.) Your standing leg needs to be soft in order to engage the glute on that side. You toes need to be lifted to engage that hamstring (and take the lift out of your quads.) You need to keep pressing away from the barre. All of these things are priority as you’re doing this move.
— Darby Brownfield

Fold Over with extension

   Do you feel confident to try your own fold over?! 

If not, I would like to encourage you to come to class with me someday.  Physique Fitness is located in downtown Springfield, Missouri.  There are so many classes to choose from including Barre, TRX (Sculpt and BPM (cardio)), Thighs & Assets, Jam, and Pound.  Check out the happy hour classes for a bite-sized taste of a class.  

Fun get to know Darby question of the week: What is favorite and least favorite word? 

My least favorite word would probably be the word “epic.” Everyone uses that word now and I just can’t do it. It drives me crazy.

My favorite word would probably be “courage.” I recently saw a framed poster the other day and the definition floored me. It was beautiful. It means “the ability to do something that frightens one” or “strength in the face of pain or grief.” I feel like the real meaning has been forgotten. It’s beautiful.
— Darby Brownfield

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Wordless Wednesday 8.05.15: Lavender

Wordless WednesdaySarah GlidwellComment

Big Cedar Lodge, Branson, MO, July 2015

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Sarah's Favorite Things Vol. 5

FunSarah Glidwell1 Comment

It's time for a new favorite things post!  It's been while.  Here's what I'm loving these days.











1.  Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette.  How many times do you buy and eyeshadow palette and only use one or two of the colors?  Before I was introduced to the Naked palettes that was me.  It was a huge waste of money.  Let me introduce you to UD's idea of eyeshadow.  It's awesome.  And this new palette is no different.  Fantastic colors, great pigments, and they wear forever.

2. Watermelon Nuun.  Ok, we all know how much I'm loving it right now.  It's the summer time.  Buy it up before it is out of season!

3. Ouchless Hair Ties.  Ponytail season is upon us and about 90% of the time my thick hair is pulled back.  These beauties save my life...and my hair. 

4. Nick Ruess.  I can't help it.  I'm loving his new album.  (In case you didn't know, Nick is/was the lead singer for the band Fun.)

5. Grown-Up Coloring Books.  This is a thing!  And it's so awesome!  

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Goal Getter: Week of August 2, 2015

GoalsSarah GlidwellComment
In your life you are either a passenger or a pilot. It’s your choice.”
— Unknown

Isn't that quote awesome?  How true is that?  All too often I've let myself be the passenger because it is easier.  How about you? Are we being easy or are we living the life we're designed to live?

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Drink a gallon of water a day for this entire week.  I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I do it.  
  • Try to not eat chocolate.  It's lovely; it's there.  Just...don't.  Abstinence for one week will not kill me.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Try cooking a new healthy recipe

What are your goals for this week?

TODAY I LOVE: blue fingernail polish

SONG OF THE DAY: "Rollerskate Skinny" by Old 97's

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Link Loving! Some of My Favorite Blogs

FitnessSarah GlidwellComment

Ever read a book that just had you in it's grips and left you wanting more?  There are some blogs out there that do that to me.  I love reading their positive words, their journeys, or even their new idea for home and food.  

Give these folks some love:

Who do you like to read?

TODAY I LOVE: great smelling sunscreen

SONG OF THE DAY: "How Does It Feel: by MR MS

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Would you Lie with Me & Just Forget the World? New Music: Love Song Edition

MusicSarah GlidwellComment

You all know just how much I love music.  Especially finding new music that makes my heart rate go up, my mind melt, and my brain relax.  Music is the best drug.  Today's new music edition is going to feature some of my favorite lovie songs.  Not all of them are truly love songs, but their gorgeous lyrics and stirring chord progressions hit me in all the right places.  Give them a listen and enjoy!

TODAY I LOVE: Keihl's Creme de Corps 

SONG OF THE DAY: "One and Only" by Joshua Radin

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